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How it works.

What we give

$500 - $10,000 in funds to finance your film.

What we get

Bloodstone Studios will receive a percentage of film profits from .5% to 10% (depending on how much money is invested) and credit in the film.


A sincere desire to make an awesome movie!

Step-by-Step guide

Step 1: Tell us a little about your movie.

Step 2: Select how much money you need.

Step 3: If we want to invest in your project, you'll receive an email with the award letter and a contract.

Step 4: After signing, the money is deposited to your bank or PayPal account within five business days.

What we're looking for...

We consider every project that gets submitted, but these are our favorite types of movies to invest in:

  • Feature narrative films in a competitive genre such as horror, indie thriller, or sci-fi.

  • Short drama/comedy/romance films that will perform well in film festivals.

  • Documentary films (short or feature length) with compelling, untold stories.

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