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Frequently asked questions.

If this FAQ doesn't answer your question, reach out to us:

  • I'm a first time filmmaker, can I apply?"
    YES! This company loves to help first time filmmakers make their dream come true.
  • Do I have to pay this money back?
    NO. This is not a loan. The company only expects to be repaid if your movie generates revenue. Otherwise, you will never have to send us money.
  • How does your company make money?
    Sometimes, we don't! When you accept money from Bloodstone Studios, you are promising to share a percentage of your film's revenue with us. We take anywhere from .5% to 10% of every dollar your movie generates. Separate from the revenue sharing agreement, Bloodstone Studios also receives a form of credit in your movie, which is equivelent to an advertisement for our company so other filmmakers can use our services in the future.
  • What kinds of movies does your company prefer to invest in?
    So far, Bloodstone Studios has focused on horror and documentary films, but we are happy to invest in any compelling story, no matter the genre. Short films (less than 30 minutes) and feature films (45 minutes or longer) are welcome.
  • What film credit do we have to provide?
    We will negotiate the exact credit with your production company, as this will vary based on the amount of money we provide and how many points we will receive on the backend. In general, the lower the amount of money, the lower the credit we ask.
  • Do you invest in movies being made outside the United States?
    Sometimes, but our focus is on domestic short and feature films.
  • I'm a student, will you invest in my movie?"
    Yes, we do invest in student-produced films if you plan to submit them to at least one film festival. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal representative will have to sign the contract and we may want to speak with them prior to moving forward with releasing funds.
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